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Greetings & welcome to my first blog.

Being interested in philosophy and psychological mechanisms, it is my sincere wish to use this blog to share a few reflections on how to embrace the world with freedom based on this.

Let´s start in Norway – a country that supposedly has been renowned for its previously international peace work, but now it is breaking numerous human rights itself with their «Sex Purchase Law» (what an extremely ridiculous name for a law, by the way).

In a so-called enlightened era, this country has gone in a most obvious unsophisticated trap with their moral based and logically unintelligible sex ban, something this blog I came across shows. In this regard, I also found an interesting and informative stage play with a pure logical and philosophical focus.

How can a state do such evil against its own people? No wonder there are wars in the world and that life might seem pointless.

I hope Norway can regain respect and be free again. For sure, small countries that abuse their citizens are unfortunately «cruel classics» that I have little desire to visit.

Mary Ann Parker (MAP)


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